When your tenant doesn’t pay the rent, you need to have a consistent procedure in place that will increase the chances that you are able to collect the full amount of rent that’s due from your tenant. Landlords in Roseville need to follow these six steps.

Step 1: Check Your Lease

Take a look at your lease and make sure you know what the due dates are. You’ll also want to see if there are late fees that you’ll need to include in the amount that the tenant owes you.

Step 2: Contact the Tenants

Give the tenants a call to see what their story is. They all have a story, and you’ll want to know what’s going on so you can determine if rent will be forthcoming.

Step 3: Ask for the Rent

Inform the tenants that rent must be paid immediately in the form of a cashier’s check.

Step 4: Set a Deadline

When you’re talking about the amount that’s due and how you expect to have it paid, you also need to set a deadline. Make that a deadline of 24 hours or less.

Step 5: Three Day Notice

If rent is still not paid, serve a Three-Day Notice immediately. This must be served properly according to Civil Procedure Section 1161. Failure to serve the notice properly may render the notice null and void.

Step 6: Unlawful Detainer

If the rent is still not paid after the notice period comes and goes, hire an eviction attorney to do an Unlawful Detainer against your tenant.

Every day these steps aren’t followed is another day the tenant can stay in your property without paying rent. Timeliness is important, and we follow our procedures consistently.

If you have any questions about what to do when tenants don’t pay rent or any of the procedures involved with property management in Roseville, CA, please contact us at Results Property Management.

Posted by: Amanda Kittle on July 6, 2017
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