Any property manager will hear from people who wonder whether they should hire a professional Roseville property manager or manage the property on their own. Unless you have the time and the experience with how to manage rental property, hiring a professional is really a no-brainer.

Placing and Managing Tenants

Managing your own property might seem easy if you have a good tenant in place already. Landlords tend to turn to managers when bad tenants begin to cause problems. They’ll stop paying rent or cause damage to the property or fail to follow the terms of the rental agreement. It’s important to work with a property manager regardless of whether you have a good or bad tenant. Property managers can act as a third party and a neutral buffer between the tenant and the property owner. It also sets up the expectation that you’re running your rental property like a business. It shows that you expect tenants to respond in a businesslike manner. You don’t have to manage based on emotions or feel guilty collecting late fees from a tenant who isn’t paying rent. It’s a business.

Cost Effective Management

A good property management company like us doesn’t cost as much as you might think. We have low rates and we provide so many services in exchange for our management fees. Hiring a professional is worth it. You probably spend more on Starbucks in a month.

Access to Technology

At Results Property Management, we have a lot of tools and resources that benefit our owners. We have industry-leading property management software that can generate any accounting report you need. Whether you want a year-end statement for your taxes or a month to month accounting of what you spend on maintenance, we can provide those reports in an instant. Tenants pay rent electronically, and your vacant properties are advertised online and syndicated.

Professional property management might seem like a luxury but when it’s at a reasonable price, it doesn’t make sense not to hire a property manager. If you have any questions, please contact us at Results Property Management.

Posted by: Amanda Kittle on April 19, 2017
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